A New Way of Teaching Continues to Impact Students

Version 1

    I was fortunate enough to have Intel support me in my dissertation research on, "The Skills' Teachers Need to Effectively Integrate Technology into the Classroom" before the new millennium. In short, my research determined it was the art of teaching that is important, not the teacher skill and/or abilities that make them effective integrators. Not long after I finished my PhD, I became a Master Teacher for the Intel Teach to the Future program. The most interesting aspect of this program is the number of times I encounter past students of mine who share with me the impact the program had on them. Many times I find they are now in leadership roles, I am sure, due in part due to the "A HA" that the Intel Teach to the Future experience provided for them. I find myself in a leadership role as the Director of Educational Technology. Along with teaching classes that included many teachers throughout New Mexico, I ran a couple of classes at my school. I get to watch the teachers who were in this program and see how their classroom instruction continues to be cutting edge. This program started them on their way to student-centered technology rich-learning/teaching and it has continued to progress. In the very beginning of the program we worked with PowerPoints, Excel spreadsheets and website development. I now see these teachers interact with their colleagues as leaders. Modeling effective use and helping other faculty use wikis, web 2.0 resources, podcasts, social media, online course management software, clickers, video production, forums/blogs, individualized online course resources and more. They utilize their rubrics with these new 'tools' and continue to create student-centered learning experiences. They aren't experts with every new 'tool' but they are experts at creating a learning environment where their students create and learn in very engaging and high level ways. Thanks Intel for your perseverance on what educators need to be successful in 21st Century Classrooms. I can't wait to see where we go from here!