21st Century First Graders- S. Monday

Version 2

    Susan Monday

    Mobile, Alabama

    Council Traditional School


    My Summary:



    Intel has inspired this “old school” first grade teacher to become updated with 21st century skills! Since my initial training in spring/summer 2008, my lessons have involved more technology and require student design. The tools I learned through two Intel courses: Intel Essentials and Intel Thinking with Technology have complemented our International Baccalaureate units of study, driven by student inquiry. My students conduct online research through pre-selected relevant websites earmarked on a Hotlist or digital scrapbook. In addition, they blog, create slides for PowerPoint, take and upload digital pictures, and collaborate on blogs and wikis with other students across the nation and world. We have taken a vow to go “green” as we compile digital data. This experience equips my students with crucial 21st century skills and provides them with a “real world” connection. As my students collaborate together, they learn to appreciate diversity and to become problem solvers. Student discipline has improved as Intel has trained me in student accountability methods such as peer/self assessment forms, providing checklists, and designing rubrics. Creativity abounds, instruction is differentiated to accommodate all learning styles, and cooperation becomes a skill of ease. Students are immersed in activities they truly enjoy. Thank you Intel!