40,000 strong and growing: Intel Teach and Texas - L. Dunn

Version 2

    Lemoyne Dunn, Texas, North and West Texas


    My summary:


    The impetus to take the next step, the ability to develop engaging learning activities, and the confidence to become educational leaders are just a few of the things the Intel Teach program gave to over 40,000 teachers in Texas. As one of the two Regional Training Agency directors in Texas, I was responsible for the initial Intel Teach program rollout throughout the north and west sections of the state for six years. During that time, I witnessed hundreds of teachers, many in rural and high needs schools, taking the “next step” in technology integration because of what they learned in the Essentials classes (the only class in the beginning of the program). With the addition of the Thinking Tools, teachers began stretching their technology integration even more to challenge students to engage in higher-order thinking and problem-solving activities. To this day, a decade later, I still have teachers coming up to me in places like the Texas Computer Educators Association Conference, telling me about the difference this program has made in their lives. Many of the 600 Master Teachers that went through our RTA have gone on to higher positions in their districts because of the confidence and visibility they received from their participation in the program. Intel Teach not only prepared Texas teachers to integrate technology effectively in the past, the program is still integral in many of the professional developments and grant proposals in many Texas districts today. The program continues to be a most valuable resource.