" It's  A  Jungle  in  Here "

Version 5

        My name is G. Dennis. I teach kindergarten in Vacherie, Louisiana.  Each year I choose a theme to decorate my classroom to make it more inviting for students to learn. "It's A Jungle in Here" is the theme I chose in August, but little did I know that our classroom was being relocated to a trailer until our new

    new building could be completed. I'm so grateful for the Intel Training Class that was offered to teachers in our parish this past summer for it helped me to navigate & better organize learning for my eighteen kindergarten students.  Intel Essentials provides much needed tools to teach teachers how to maximize their time by (1) staying organized(2) introducing technology to impart new skills (3) provides for differentiated  instruction (4) provides a variety of excellent  teaching and assessment tools.

        This summer I was able to build a unit on the Five Senses in my Intel Class with lots of resources.

    I have been able to organize teams & improve on individual assessment.  I plan to use this along with

    digital camera to work on digital story-telling. Intel Essentials works great in kindergarten.