Technology Integration Bootcamp--B. Varsho

Version 2

    Beth Varsho

    Kimberly, WI


    What does technology integration really mean?


    In October of 2009 I became a Master Instructor in Intel's Teach Essentials. I trained eleven teachers who were pre-selected to participate in my class. These weren't just any ordinary teachers mind you--these educators really embraced technology and used it often.



    The first day of training went well. We spent a good amount of time looking at the ISTE standards, resources, and the awesome sample projects provided by Intel. I could see that the wheels were turning!



    The second day of training went just as well. Teachers were exploring new technologies and they were motivated to continue. However, I became concerned when it appeared that their focus seemed to shift from student use of technology to teacher use. By the end of day two, I knew that I needed to address this before training continued.



    That night we used our class wiki to discuss what technology integration really meant. I was frank and honest and opened up the page for discussion. Many of them thanked me for "turning on their light bulb". We discussed the comments and overcoming mindsets before the third day of training. They were grateful and are now eager to share what they learned with the rest of the district before the end of the school year.



    Please open and watch the Power Point about my training experience.