Perspective and "God's Laugh"- R. Chavez

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    Robert Rain Chavez

    Austin, TX



    My Vision:


    "Grandmother (Abuelita), when I grow up I am going to make movies."  My Grandmother Vicenta was standing in the kitchen making me some homemade hot oatmeal one morning.  I was five years old.  My Grandmother smiles and says "Mijo, If you want to make God laugh, then tell him your plans."  I look at her and smile as she gives me a warm cup of the best homemade oatmeal in the world.



    My grandmother would always answer my questions and aspirations with some religious Mexican folklore story.  It has given me the gift of perception and the wisdom to discover the blessings in all of life's challenges. My Grandmother taught me the power of perspective.



    As an educator, I’m blessed to be able show my students the power and responsibility of filmmaking, and my passion for the art of storytelling. I am happy to share with them the dreams and plans I still have to one day make a movie that will help bring a voice to our eastside community in Austin, Texas.  Looking at their faces as I tell them that they too can one day be movie directors, scriptwriters, and actors just warms my heart. 


    The seed has been planted in their minds that they too can have access to Hollywood.  But I also remind them, that if "They want to make God laugh, then just tell him your plans." 



    The short films "GOD's LAUGH" and "THE LETTER" are both teacher and student collaborations.  I had the pleasure to teach an after school filmmaking club here at Harris Elementary.  These short films reflect much of my grandmother's stories she would tell me growing up. Enjoy.



    In 2008, I had the opportunity to complete a 42 hour professional development in the Intel Teach to the Future Essentials Course.  This training allowed me to take my passion for education and filmmaking to another level.  Not only did I get a chance to meet other educators that had similar goals for their schools and classroom, but I also discovered that teaching 21st century skills was much more than just the technology.  I was able to share with my peers that project based learning is an essential teaching tactic that is proven time and again to engage students.  With the skills and training I learned at the Intel Teach program, my perspective in integrating filmmaking into the elementary curriculum became a reality.


    (My Side of the Family )


    This is the only photo in my family that shows 5 generations standing together.  The baby is 3 years old now.

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    "Every student has a story to tell and by writing and developing these stories, children discover how alike we truly are." - Robert Chavez

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    ( THE LETTER )

         ( GOD's LAUGH )