Web 2.0 and Teach: The Making of a Sweet Story of Success - G.Roy

Version 2

         As a person who entered the public school teaching field as a career switcher, I am always looking for creative ways to excite students and teachers about learning  Many years ago, when I received my Master's Degree in Educational Media, computers were those huge machines that used punch cards.  I've had the priviledge of witnessing the development of technology to see it evolve into hand-held devises, and to be able to not only use technology, but to teach it to enhance the delivery of new ideas and methods. I'm Dr. Gwen Roy and I'm presently teaching the Thinking with Technology Course to teachers in King & Queen County, VA.

         It seemed like forever as we went through the request for approval process to teach the Intel Thinking with Technology class.  After Winter Break, the teachers e-mailed, and phoned, and I assured administration that the tools were "free".  I haven't seen teachers fight so hard for anything else except their jobs.  After our Administration approved the class, everyday the teachers asked me, "when do we start class"?  Since the class began, the teachers have attacked the Modules with fervor, and are putting the same hard work into it that they they require of their students to succeed.  My story is one of development, perseverance, and Intel Tool inspiration, that utilizes technology to excite students to not only experience the success of the Visual Learning Tool, but to taste it.