Touching Tomorrow with Intel by J. Foreman

Version 3

    Joshlyn Foreman

    Calcasieu Parish

    Lake Charles, Louisiana



    What should every good educator focus on? An educational journey worth taking is one that focuses on the future. When teaching always keep in mind you are touching tomorrow through each and every experience. Tomorrow’s great thinkers will have the intelligence needed but will they have the tools to succeed?  My mission is simple, focus on providing Intel tools and resources to all learners.





    My journey starts with Intel’s Essentials course designing unit plans that stimulate and motivate students to think deeper and wider while using web tools to accomplish the journey. I focused on teaching educators how to design a plan that centers on national and state standards, 21stcentury skills and differentiated instruction for students. There were many rewarding moments as they realized the value of creating a plan focused on meaningful student engagement, timely assessment and deeper thinking. The TWT course strengthened educators’ understanding of the Intel teach tools and added greater depth to their web toolbox. With Intel analytical and critical thinking skills are cultivated and nurtured.





    Teachers invited me into their classrooms to see their plans in action. Students have no problem explaining their Intel activities during these visits. One teacher invited me to assist in presenting her Intel experience at a middle school state conference. This feedback validates my focus and the journey. Am I proud, you bet! I remain focused on my Intel mission because today what I teach touches the future and lives on through the teachers and students I work with.