Intel Provides Insight into My Eyes on Technology   By, Susan Nichol

Version 4

    Good thoughts are no better than good dreams, unless they be executed.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson


    The Intel Essentials Course has spring-boarded District 59 teachers

    to think outside of the technology box!  As a Master Teacher, I have

    had the opportunity to facilitate two Intel Essentials Courses

    through Consolidated Community School District 59 located in

    Arlington Heights, Elk Grove, and Mount Prospect, Illinois.  Prior to

    facilitating an Intel Essentials Course, I was required to complete a

    unit plan titled, My Eyes on Technology. As with any lesson, it is

    still a "work in progress" and continues to evolve into something new

    and exciting every time I teach it to my Applied Technology students.


    My Eyes on Technology introduces sixth graders to the ethical side of

    technology.   Intel's array of technological tools guided my

    educational decisions to integrate technology into specific segments

    of the unit. Using an interactive KWL chart that was displayed on a

    SMART board, students brainstormed answers to the essential question,

    "How does technology impact a society?"  Throughout the duration of

    the unit we were able to revisit the interactive KWL.  The KWL guided

    each student's awareness of how various societies, whether it was a

    first or third world country, are impacted by unique technological



    During another segment of the unit, students analyze a looping

    PowerPoint presentation (with music) that includes child labor

    photographs from past and present periods of time.  The presentation

    includes journaling prompts that the students respond to as they

    watch the slides. In addition, students compare and contrast past and

    present day inventions by critically analyzing a products impact on a

    society.  Not only does this reinforces 21st Century skills, but

    provides students a voice in what they consider to be an impact on

    their everyday lives.


    Integrating Technology into this unit expands students' technological

    literacy, geographical awareness, vocabulary, identification of

    figurative language, and ethical awareness.  Reflecting on this unit,

    I plan to have future classes use Google Docs and Voice Threading to

    digitally capture and share their perspectives with each other.

    Because of Intel's Essential Course and My Eyes on Technology, my

    students are more conscious of how technology impacts not only a

    society, but also how it impacts their personal lives!



    Susan Nichol