Experience That Touched a Child's Heart

Version 3

    Zarina Qadir

    Kiolmer School,

    Chicago IL.



    These are some of the stories and hands on experiences of some of the teachers who participated in the Intel Essentials calss.

    Their storeis and experiences has touched so many students lives.


    Shari Kahn


    I am writing this to explain what I learned from taking my technology class a few years ago.  Before starting the course, I had no idea what a flash drive was.  I was still using floppy disks to store my lesson plans and work on.  There were many times when the disks became troublesome.  I had to remake my lesson plan template many times because either my disk was ruined, or lost.  I now keep my lesson plans and work on several flash drives.  It is much easier, and there are fewer problems that I encounter. I can even wear my flash drive around my neck so that I don’t misplace it.  This is very helpful.


                I have also learned that there are many more resources available to teachers.  When I begin to teach a new unit, I can go back over my notes from the class to search the websites for information or materials that I can use.  There is nothing more helpful to a teacher than having resources that can be used to assist with student learning.  I have been able to use many fun and interesting activities as a result of this course.  The students have a blast, and most important they learn!



    Ana Osorio


    The course  "Intel Teach EC10" was given by Zarina Qadir from 10/23/2007 to 12/21/2007. It was an excellent course that helped me to develop strategies to apply in the classroom, especially with students with special needs. This course also helped me through the technology to develop units that promote higher order thinking in the students. I was so illiterateabout technology and scared to touch my PC. This experience helped me over my fear of technology.Thanks to Intel provideing me the oppertunityto learn technology and share it with my students.



    Olga Salas







    The Intel Essentials class was very productive for me. It has allowed me to enhance my teaching in the technology area. Through this class, I have incorporated the Intel Resources (available to teachers online) into many of my reading lessons. My students have been exposed to PowerPoint as well as other graphic features of the computer. Intel Essentials has opened a window of opportunities for my students as well as myself. I will continue to implement many of the tools they provide.