What a Resource!!!

Version 3


    Temple I.S.D.

    Temple, Tx

    Travis Middle School  (6-8 grade)


         The Intel Teach Program is a wonderful program that has benefited many teachers and students at my school.  As a teacher of the Intel Teach Program, I can facilitate a class showing a myriad of computer programs and how they can be used.  Teachers have learned to use the Resource Cd and the Online Resources provided by Intel.


         It is fascinating to watch how teachers get ideas.  As a teacher, it is always gratifying to watch that "light Bulb" go off in a student's head when they learn the concept being taught!  But when a "whole room of light bulbs go off"  in one teacher;'s head as he or she realize not only how the program works, but how the students could benefit from it, it is amazing!

    During the class, the teachers learned how to use technology in the classroom to enrich learning and lessen their paper work load.  It has been gratifying to watch teachers learn "new tricks"!  They are as excited as kindergarteners learning to read!  The teachers encourage each other and their students.

    Some examples in one of my classes include:  Know your Days of the Week, Pottery, Movie Maker Portfolio, Is Change Always for the Better, Book Cover, and Social Skills.


    Through the Intel Course, everyone gained the knowledge.  The teachers and students benefited from the Course.   It was everything we desire in our classroom.   Dialogue.  Encouragement.  Innovation.  Learning.


    Again, What a Resource!!!!