A Technology Odyssey

Version 4

    Jude Kesl


    Milwaukee Public Schools


    Science has always been fun and easy to teach, but when the technology age dawned things changed dramatically. I was smitten with the “power” or ability to help students get up to the minute data (or so it seemed then) about earthquakes around the planet and weather in the far corners of the earth. This opened the world them.


    In recent years, the technology tools that allow student to access all this information directly, without the teacher intermediating has been a huge boon. In more recent advances students don’t even need the technology the school provides to access the information they need. 


    A turning point for me, where I learned I did not need to be the sage on the stage was a while back when I spent all of my Christmas vacation learning HTML code so I could teach the kids how to make web pages. It took me less than two day to share all that I had learned…now what? I turned to my students and told them “here are the books I learned that from. I have taught you all I know on this topic, now we learn together.” They took off we never turned back.  They truly became 21st Century learners, with the skill and confidence they needed to teach themselves, and then teach me. That moment transformed me as a teacher. 


    Becoming a recent Intel Master teacher I now have the Intel tools, roadmaps, to assist other teachers in becoming 21st Century teachers!


    My presentation is uploaded in Slideshare at http://www.slideshare.net/jkesl/a-technology-odyssey. However, the animations were lost in translation. Please view the attached ppt.