Teachers-Pockets of Sunshine on a Rainy Day E. Sessions

Version 4

    Elizabeth Sessions

    Technology in Motion Specialist

    Mobile, Alabama

    When there's no one at home at the end of the day did something you do chase a cloud away?

    When Daddies out late and Mama won't stay did something you do push the rain far away?

    When you talk to his parents and then walk away did you leave a little sunshine to brighten his day?

    When summer has come and there's nowhere to play do your pockets of sunshine still brighten their day?

    When you get in the car and drive away, at the end of the road at some school far away.

    Do you pray that you'll have just another day, to make pockets of sunshine for some child's rainy day?

    Come join me now in my essay and video as I tell you about my pockets of sunshine for my rainy days.

    Please read the essay first then watch the video.