200 Russian kids completed wiki project to Victory Day

Version 1



    Three months' Internet project "War Echo" is finished in Samara city, Russia.

    46 teams (200 schoolchildren) have created 200 wiki pages, dedicated to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War / II World War. Resource contain parts about war time memorabilia, interviews with veterans, stories about school museums show pieces, photos and letters from war time.


    Internet resource is in Russian: wiki.edc.samara.ru
    Link to the Guest book is aslo there.


    Slide show in English about the project may be viewed and downloaded here:


    As a member of the project organizing committee, I should say, that the big job was done by most of the teams. They learned a lot from the people, who lived through the war. We have many school museums, dedicated to the war days and heroes, - pupils presented pieces from the collections, letters, photos, etc.


    Wiki server made it possible to comment on every created page in order to make it better. Teachers and teams advised each other and worked on improving content and design. I believe, that it was an essential experience to schoolchildren and to some teachers also.


    Within the project we conducted a webinar - thanks to Intel! It was helpful.


    Will be very grateful, if you'll view slide show and post comments there or here.