A Tale of Two Journeys-J Summers

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    This is a tale of two journeys that I have taken as an Intel Senior Trainer for Louisiana. The first tale is somewhat of a fairy tale. Imagine a class of tech savvy educators with a desire to learn anything new you give them. The second tale is quite different as you will soon see. As I look back on each training, I feel that I not only learned something from each group, but was also inspired to begin my next Intel journey.



    J.  Summers

    Region VI TLTC

    Alexandria, LA

    Intel Senior Trainer for Essentials

    Master Trainer for Intel Leadership Forum

    Master Trainer for TWT




    Such a great story - with the associated challenges. As one who has trained in LA, I was pleased to hear about the "lagniappe" of your training . You are so correct that you can and do still affect students through the teachers you train. I especially like that you enjoy the opportunity to challenge teachers to move out of their comfort zones. Please continue to keep us informed on how your trainings go.


    That summer group was  great group, start to finish. The optional school group was a "killa" though but ended so well. The real shame is the response of the third group who could have soared with the angels! You sure gave them everything they needed to thrive!


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