Free, online tools and resources for your students and teachers

Version 6

    Notes from the session by Theresa Maves (with assistance by Glen Westbroek).


    All tools are available online, for free, from Intel Teach. Each of the first three tools have a "portfolio" for teachers to look at a particular snapshot of student thinking.

    • Thinking Tools:
      • Visual Ranking (order items from top to bottom - provide your reason for selecting its level)
      • Seeing Reason (working with cause and effect - it is NOT a visual map despite how it looks)
      • Showing Evidence (involves evaluation of evidence and keeping an open mind about material studied)
    • Assessing Projects (designed to help teachers evaluate students ability to use 21st Century Skills)
    • Help Guide (training for people to use any of the three tools above as well as using Office or similar application)

    Other resources:

    • Designing Effective Projects
    • Technology Literacy
    • Design and Discovery
    • Intel ISEF Middle School Science Fair: A Guide for Teachers