Intel Engage Community Commercial Activity Policy

Version 1

    Commercial solicitation that has nothing to do with Intel Engage or the effective use of technology in the classroom is prohibited. If you come across any material that you feel falls into this category, please flag it as inappropriate. However, we do allow limited commercial solicitation from individuals or companies who have created products or services that are in fact related to our discussions here. We encourage such participants to be active in the community because they have an interest in helping education and are often former educators with much to contribute. They can both add to regular discussions and can answer questions about their products or services better than anyone else.

    If you are representing a commercial product or service that falls in this category, we ask first that you use your real name, and that you join as an individual an not as the "company." We also ask that you post descriptions or pricing of your services only here in the Virtual Exhibit Hall group. Only if it is helpful in the context of contributing to a discussion outside of this group, you may briefly reference your postings in the Virtual Exhibit Hall group elsewhere, but the content of your post should clearly add value to the discussion beyond just the reference. You also must refrain from unsolicited personal messages, either in the site or through contact information obtained on the site. (Members who believe they are receiving such messages should write to