Teachers Engage Code of Conduct

Version 3

    Teachers Engage is a global online educational community that supports the core concepts of the Intel Teach Program courses: effective use of technology, instructional design, project-based approaches, assessment of 21st century skills, and open-ended questioning.

    You are welcome to register and post content on this site as long as you understand and agree to the following:

    1. Intel retains the right to monitor and remove or change any content Intel deems inappropriate or that does not comply with the Terms of Use of this Site.

    2. You will follow and agree to be bound by the Terms of Use of the Site.
    3. You must register and participate in this community as an individual, using your name, and not as a company, organization, or commercial entity.
    4. All information added by a user remains that user's property. However, you are granting permission for this content to be reused elsewhere on the site. Read http://www.intel.com/sites/corporate/termsofservice.htm for more details. Scroll down to the User Generated Content section.

    5. You will not post any third party copyrighted information on the site.

    6. You will not disclose any third party confidential information.

    7. You will not upload any viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or other forms of harmful computer code.

    8. You will not disrupt ordinary operation of the site.

    9. A user is in charge of keeping his/her password and profile details private and confidential.

    10. Intel retains the right to terminate anyone's access to the site for any reason

    11. Intel is not responsible for the content up loaded by member on the Site or on third party links.

    12. You do not use this Site to make personal attacks, hate speech, or other egregious commentary against another contributor to this site

    13. One- or two-word posts or replies that do not extend the conversation will be deleted, as it is too difficult on users to wade through clutter. See Comments, Sharing, and Likes: Ways to Share What You Like
    14. Posts that are copied and pasted (or plagiarized) will be deleted even if a link to the original source is included. Instead, if you find a good resource, summarize the content and tell why you like it. See this post for guidelines on sharing resources.
    15. You will use this site constructively and consistent with the stated purpose above.