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    Module 1: Projects Overview

    Lesson 1: Project Basics


    Activity 1: Your Knowledge of Project-Based Learning

    Estimated Time: 10 minutes


    1. 1. Complete the first two columns of your own Know-Wonder-Learn-How chart.


    What do you already know about project-based learning?


    What do you wonder about project-based learning?


    What I Know

    What I Wonder

    What I Learned

    How I Learned


    Project is based on student’s performance.


    Projects needs time and effort to complete it.


    Projects enhance creativity.






    Do my students give their best in doing or making their projects?


    Did they apply creativity and exert effort to accomplish it within the time frame?


    Good planning and design.


    Apply the short time projects.


    I learned that a teacher must plan ahead of time so that he/she can also find time to evaluate it. It is good too that a teacher must choose the short time projects.




    Module 1: Projects Overview

    Lesson 1: Project Basics


    Activity 3: Project-Based vs. Conventional Instruction

    Estimated Time: 15 minutes


    Setting goals in this course will help you apply what you learn in your classroom. Goals you set now will be revisited later in the module and course.


    Even if you do not teach with projects, your teaching may incorporate some project-based approaches. Think about project-based approaches you may currently use and also how you incorporate technology in your classroom


    Based on your understanding of project-based learning so far, what goals would you like to set for yourself during this course/month/school year (choose one)? Write your goals. Below are some examples:



    • Try some project-based learning strategies
    • Make my classroom more student-centered
    • Incorporate group work
    • Do at least one project this year
    • Do more than one project this year
    • Improve a particular project
    • Integrate technology in classroom learning



    My project-based learning goals:


    Try to let them work in group.

    Improve my project-based strategies.


    What challenges do you face or expect to face when doing project-based learning? Use the following chart to record your challenges and possible solutions for overcoming the challenges. You will revisit this chart.





    Let the students apply collaborative learning.





    Use varied instructional strategies engage all learners.



    Develop students’ critical thinking.




    Increase motivation.

    Apply their knowledge with the sue of 21st century learning



    Incorporates on going assessment.




    Module 1: Projects Overview

    Lesson 2: Project-Based Learning Benefits


    Activity 1: Benefits Based on Research (Optional)

    Estimated Time: 15 minutes


    1. Identify particular students in your class and consider how you think they might benefit from project work, or how project work might pose a challenge for them.











    Activity 4: Self-Assessment (Optional)

    Estimated Time: 10 minutes


    Revisit and add to your goals and challenges established in Module 1, Lesson 1, Activity 3. Record them there.

    • Have you established more project-based learning goals?
    • Do you expect to face more challenges?
    • Have you come up with solutions to some of your challenges?



    Module 1: Projects Overview

    Lesson 3: Project Characteristics


    Activity 2: Roles (Optional)

    Estimated Time: 15 minutes


    Project-based learning involves a change of classroom roles for the teacher, students, and community members. Consider how roles could change in your classroom for you, students, parents, and community members.  Record your ideas below:








    Module 1: Projects Overview

    Lesson 3: Project Characteristics


    Activity 5: Project Improvement

    Estimated Time: 20 minutes


    A Project Characteristics checklist is useful for planning and implementing a project. Review the checklist located in this activity. Then, look at a particular project, unit, or lesson that you teach. Use the checklist to assess which characteristics are included in the project, unit, or lesson. How could you improve the project, unit, or lesson to include more characteristics?





    Module 1: Projects Overview

    Lesson 4: Module Review


    Activity 1: Module Summary

    Estimated Time: 15 minutes


    Revisit the Action Plan work you started at the beginning of the module.


    1. Look at your K-W-L-H chart in Module 1, Lesson 1, Activity 1.  Review your chart. What can you add to the Learned and the How columns? What did you learn about project-based learning and how did you learn it? Add to the Know and Wonder columns, if desired.


    1. Revisit the goals you established at the beginning of the module in Module 1, Lesson 1, Activity 3 for project-based learning. How have you worked towards these goals? Have you made progress? Change or add to your goals, if desired.


    1. Review the challenges you faced or expected to face at the beginning of the module in Module 1, Lesson 1, Activity 3. Can you add any suggestions for overcoming the challenges in the Solutions column? Do you have additional challenges to add?