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    Module 2: Project Design

    Lesson 1: Project Planning


    Activity 3: Project Ideas from the Community

    Estimated Time: 15 minutes


    Develop a project idea that both strongly targets your standards and connects to the real world.


    1. Brainstorm a project scenario like Maria and Abe did.
    2. Write the project description below.


    Note: See sample Elementary, Middle School, and High School samples in the Appendix.


    Students become a reporters or monitoring team as they discuss the events happening in their places as part of their cultural and traditional practices. Their tasks here is to uplift the drive to visit their places and dubbed as It’s more fun in Cotta.

    Before the activities is viewed by each member the group should come up with a plan where they will assign each member what to do, how will they deliver it and what are the materials needed to complete the tasks.



    Module 2: Project Design

    Lesson 2: Learning Goals


    Activity 1: 21st Century Skills

    Estimated Time: 10 minutes


    You will learn strategies for teaching 21st century skills in Modules 3 and 5. To prepare for those activities,


    1. Review the list and description of 21st century skills located in this activity.
    2. Identify the top four 21st century skills that you want to target in your classroom. If you are creating a single project during this course, identify the top four 21st century skills for that specific project.
    3. Note your ideas below.


    21st century skills:

    Critical thinking and project design

    Collaboration, initiative and self-direction






    Module 2: Project Design

    Lesson 2: Learning Goals


    Activity 2: Learning Objectives

    Estimated Time: 10 minutes


    1. Review the 21st century skills and the Standards and Objectives Rubric referenced in this activity. Identify the standards you are targeting for your project:


    Plan carefully the target ideas of the group.

    Analyze the ideas of each member and select the target topic.

    Apply techniques and tools for the movie making.

    Communicate confidently.


    1. Brainstorm observable, specific, standards-based, and 21st century skills-focused learning objectives for your project. Note your ideas below.


    Conduct an interview in their places analyze each events.

    Gather information and select the targeted topics.

    Communicate ideas and thoughts clearly through speaking to variety audiences.



    Module 2: Project Design

    Lesson 3: Questions that Frame Learning


    Activity 2: Curriculum-Framing Questions in Action

    Estimated Time: 25 minutes


    1. View additional samples of Curriculum-Framing Questions located in this activity. Consider any questions or ideas you could use in your classroom. Use the Curriculum-Framing Questions worksheet located in this activity to help you create Curriculum-Framing Questions for your own project. Write your draft Curriculum-Framing Questions below.


    Essential Question


    How is movie making used in the real world?


    Unit Question(s)


    What is the importance of applying technology in your project?


    Content Questions


    How do you come up with your ideas?

    Is the interview a big help to gather information?

    How do you make your movie?



    1. Use the CFQ Rubric located in this activity to assess your questions. Revise your Curriculum-Framing Questions above, if needed.




    Module 2: Project Design

    Lesson 5: Activity Design


    Activity 1: Activity Planning

    Estimated Time: 10 minutes (25 minutes if completing optional activity.)


    1. Keeping your targeted 21st century skills in mind, brainstorm some types of student-centered activities you may want to incorporate into your classroom regardless of project. Consider ways you could integrate technology. Note your ideas below.


    Invite experts in technology.

    Provide students with enough time to design their own work.

    Let them have  more ideas through youtube viewing.


    1. Optional: If you are designing a project, keep your objectives in mind and brainstorm a draft sequence of activities below.


    Viewing the youtube so that students can get ideas on how to make movie.

    Checklist of the possible activity done.

    Use technology for the project as collaboration and time management is applied.




    Module 2: Project Design

    Lesson 6: Module Review


    Activity 1: Module Summary

    Estimated Time: 10 minutes


    Reflect on your learning in this module.



    Curriculum-Framing questions is a big help for the students.  It will act as their guide to focus and get the important ideas and keypoints only.