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    Module 4: Project Planning

    Lesson 1: Project Organization


    Activity 1: Project Challenges (Optional)

    Estimated Time: 5 minutes


    Review the K-W-L-H chart and add any questions that you have related to project planning and management.


    Activity 2:  Project Timelines

    Estimated Time: 10 minutes


    Now that you have reviewed sample project timelines, use any format you wish to outline a rough draft for a unit you plan to teach. Note the name below and save it in your Course Folder.


    Project Timeline file name:


    Movie making Timeline



    Module 4: Project Planning

    Lesson 2: Management Strategies


    Activity 1: Management Scenarios (Optional)

    Estimated Time: 15 minutes


    After you read the two classroom management scenarios, think about how the teachers’ situations relate to your classroom experience. Note ideas you can use in your classroom.





    Activity 3: Strategies for Communicating about the Project

    Estimated Time: 10 minutes


    After reviewing the sample wrap-up scenarios, think about a wrap-up experience you want to try for your project. Record your ideas.


    Invite the art and ict teacher or one member of the sangguniang kabataan to showcase students projects. From here students can discuss how they come up with their project and convince them the plans they can adopt for the next year activity of the barangay.




    Activity 4: Strategies for Managing Timing and Transitions (Optional)

    Estimated Time: 15 minutes


    When planning for managing timing and transitions, consider:

    • Project schedule
    • Student attendance

    Record ideas about any strategies you want to use in your classroom.


    Checklist:  The group will do this so that they will know how far they have done.


    Activity 5: Strategies for Managing Collaboration

    Estimated Time: 15 minutes


    After following the student/teacher conference, think about the following questions:

    • How do you think the teacher conference went?
    • Did it give you ideas for your conferences with students?


    Record your ideas about any strategies you want to use in your classroom.


    Check the assigned tasks for each member.

    Look the project checklist

    Survey the activities they have done and what they learned from it.

    Encourage the students for additional ideas, understanding.

    Assign the next steps to be done.

    Provide positive feedback and reactions.

    Set date or schedule of next check in.


    Activity 6: Strategies for Managing Resources

    Estimated Time: 15 minutes


    When planning for managing resources, consider:

    • Technology management
    • Student file management
    • Materials management
    • External resources

    Record ideas about any strategies you want to use in your classroom.


    Let the students have more ideas in doing movie using movie maker software.

    Learn how manipulate the software

    Set the computers to be used and scheduling is needed.

    Let others watch the video and give opinions so that they can add more in their project.





    Module 4: Project Planning

    Lesson 3: Project Tasks and Activities


    Activity 1: Implementation Plans

    Estimated Time: 15 minutes (30 minutes if completing optional activity)


    1. After reviewing the sample implementation plans in different formats, consider a format that would work for you. Use the implementation plan template to help guide you in developing your own implementation plan. 


    1. Plan specific strategies for at least one of the management categories and record below:


    • Communicating about the project
    • Timing and transitions
    • Fostering Collaboration
    • Managing Resources


    Communication: Inform all tle teachers and mapeh teachers about the project

    Timing:  Do the project within the specific time 3 to 4 weeks.

    Fostering collaboration: Checklist, and update of the activities.

    Managing Folders: Wikis


    1. Optional: Draft an implementation plan, using any format that works for a project you plan to teach. Note the name below and save it in your Course Folder.


    Implementation plan file name:





    Module 4: Project Planning

    Lesson 4: Module Review


    Activity 1: Module Reflection

    Estimated Time: 10 minutes


    Reflect on your learning in this module. Note any of the project management ideas that you would like to put more time and attention into to improve your project-based approaches in your classroom.


    .This is helpful for them to organize their things and see what is needed more.Technology has a big part in doing their projects.  Collaboration is greatly a good step to improve one’s skills and ability.If there are absent in the group, they can use other option where the project will not remain stagnant.Still it works because of the strategies being applied.