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    Intel® Teach Elements Brochure - U.S.

    Powering Up the Promise of Digital Learning

    Learn about this effective series of courses.

    The Intel® Teach Program empowers teachers to pursue technology for common core and state standards implementation, engaging students’ problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills required for college and career-readiness in an information age. Partnering with experts in online education and educational technology, Intel has redesigned its proven professional development as the basis for Intel® Teach Elements, a series of interactive, multimedia courses designed specifically for online and blended use by educators.


    The Intel Teach Elements courses include key areas of instruction deemed important by educators: Project-Based

    Approaches, Assessment of 21st Century Skills, Educational Leadership, Thinking Critically with Data, Collaboration,

    Science Inquiry, Designing Blended Learning, and two courses on Mobile Learning: Moving into Mobile Learning (available now) and Creativity in the Mobile Classroom (coming soon).


    Download the brochure here: Intel® Teach Elements: Powering Up the Promise of Digital Learning