Teachers Engage Remaining Webinars for 2010

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    Teachers Engage Webinars and Events

    Find registration information for upcoming Webinars and archived webinars in the Intel Education Teachers Engage Online Community > Webinars and Events page - http://engage.intel.com/community/teachersengage/webinars_and_events. The Teachers Engage calendar includes all global webinar offerings, conferences and events that support educational technology.  Best of all, Intel Sponsored Webinars are FREE.

    Intel Teach Live – Last Week of the Month

    Join us the last Week of each month as our Senior Trainers share technology integration ideas and resources that you can use in your classroom. Bring your ideas and resources to share during the webinar or contribute your thoughts in the follow-up community discussions and activities.
    Click the date below to register for that offering of Intel Teach Live:


    November 30th 5pm PDT/8pm EDT Topic: Cultural Exchange with Skype, TokBox and Voicethread - The 21st Century Social and Cross-Cultural Skills can be explored through some of the web's best interactive tools. Come take a worldwide tour of information and cultural exchange in this webinar.


    December 7th 5pm PDT/8pm EDT Topic: Birthday Bonanza! Have you attended a virtual birthday party?  Well the Teachers Engage Community is having a birthday party and hope to have you celebrate with us.  Join Vanessa and Dyane for activities, games and prizes during this virtual celebration.


    Using the Community Group Feature

    Learn how to set-up and utilize a group in the Teachers Engage Community. Including new features such as projects from the latest upgrade. Emphasis will be on creating a group to support an Intel Teach Training. Click the date below to register to attend the hour overview.

    December 1, 2010  8:00am PDT/ 11am EDT


    Using Cell Phones and Scan Codes in the Classroom

    QR_codes.jpgYou've probably started seeing these scan codes popping up around your neighborhood, in stores, on packages, and in airports. If you haven't then you will be seeing them soon. They're called QR Codes or "Quick Reference" codes and they are taking the world by storm. Join me as we explore the possibilities of using QR Codes in the classroom and with the larger school community. Click the date below to register to attend.

    December 1, 2010 5:00pm PDT/ 8:00pm EDT


    Intel® Teach Elements: A Series of 21st Century Short Courses

    Join Judi Yost for an overview of all the Intel Teach Elements courses.  The overview will include a highlight of each Elements course, strategies for getting the most out of each course, the process for requesting facilitation materials, and how to get support for Elements in the Teachers Engage Community.   Webinar room will open 15 minutes before presentation, presentation is one hour. Click the date below to register to attend.

    December 2, 2010  9:30am PDT/12:30pm EDT


    Overview of the Teachers Engage Community

    Are you new to the Intel® Education Teachers Engage Community? Would you like a high-level overview of all the community has to offer? Then register and find out in 30 minutes how you can make the most of your community experience. Click the date below to register to attend a 30 minute overview.

    December 3rd 8 am PDT/11am EDT


    Teachers Engage: Project-Based Learning

    http://www.intel.com/communities/education/Janexmas09.jpgJoin Jane Krauss as she goes over the basics of Project-Based Learning. A growing body of research shows that students learn more deeply when they tackle real-world challenges and when they take part in projects that require sustained engagement and collaboration. We also know that students function at their highest level when equipped with modern tools for learning and expression. During our hour together we will look at the features of quality projects and examine emerging technologies that support essential learning functions that are in play during projects. We'll identify where participants are along the projects continuum and discuss ways to move any project from good to great. Click the date below to register to attend.

    December 6th 3pm PDT/6pm EDT


    Facilitating in Adobe Connect

    Join Julia Fischer for an ongoing series regarding Facilitation in Adobe Connect.  Each month a new topic or best practice will be shared and participants are encouraged to add and share their own successes and questions.  Each session will be 30 minutes and recordings will be shared in the Teachers Engage community. Click the date below to register to attend.

    Exploring Pods and widgets to use in Adobe ConnectDecember 13, 2010 8 am PDT/11am EDT


    Differentiating Instruction with Technology

    cool_cat_teacher.jpgConstructing the classroom for differentiation and reaching all students requires involved teachers, IT support staff, and principals. Vicki "Cool Cat Teacher" Davis shares how one can structure a classroom for learning and overviews the support structures required for successful differentiation with technology in this webinar geared to teachers and administrators. See where you need to go so that you can make plans for how to get there. Click the date below to register to attend.

    Thursday, December 16th 4pm PDT/7pm EDT