2014 Moderator Expectations

Version 5

    Teachers Engage Rotating Moderator role for 2014:


    • Moderators will serve on a quarterly basis rather than on a rolling three-months-at-a-time basis, starting in the first month of each quarter only. Moderators can serve for multiple quarters. 
    • Identify your areas of passion in which you would like to contribute. Share your ideas, use what you know and keep it real.
    • Maintain an updated community profile that includes both a picture and an avatar

    Content and Discussions:

    • Create at least three new discussions or documents (about one per month)
    • Tag all content contributions appropriately (both your own, and content created by other members)
    • Strengthen discussions by deepening and extending the conversation or asking clarifying questions.
    • Review documents that get shared and leave comments as you are inspired to do so.
    • Monitor and report any content that might be seen as abuse of the community

    Community Building:

    • Join and monitor the Moderators Engage Group (invite to group will be sent once an agreement has been reached)– as a place to share ideas, tips and strategies
    • Join groups pertain to your interests
    • Invite educators to join
    • Support Teachers Engage on Facebook and participate in activities (optional)
    • Follow @IntelEDU & @K12Blueprint on Twitter and retweet/favorite content as you see appropriate (optional)
    • Tweet out content provided via the "Now Tweet This!" discussion in Moderators Engage (optional)


    • Attend community webinars as time allows
    • Promote webinars to your Personal Learning Network (PLN)
    • Participate in Webinar follow-up activities
    • Promote webinar recordings via social media and you PLN (optional)


    • Complete the monthly moderator self-assessment checklist
    • Complete the exit survey at the end of the quarter
    • Participate in moderator device program activities

    Moderators receive a Teachers Engage moderation team jacket for their participation and an Intel-Inside tablet computer to use during their term of service.