CII - Intel Report - Towards Professional Preparation of the Teacher Educators.pdf

Version 1

    A new report/ analysis about the profile, responsibilities and current role of Teacher Educator - Towards Professional Preparation of Teacher Educators - a joint effort of CII & Intel.


    In order to provide recommendations for curricular inputs and competencies to be developed in the Teacher Educators preparation program(s) in order to strengthen the Indian Education System, a study was commissioned by Confederation of  Indian Industry and Intel with a focused objective


    "A critical analysis of the current teacher educator profile and competencies to provide recommendations for professional preparation of teacher educators”

    With the core objective to -

    - Analyse the existing profile of the teacher educator with reference to the education system, characteristics of the 21st century learner;

    - Identify the gaps in the current teacher educator curriculum

    The report attached  - Towards Professional Preparation of Teacher Educators - is the outcome of this study and provides

    • Overview of the current situation in the field of Teacher Education in India
    • Analysis of gaps in curriculum in the existing system
    • Recommendations in terms of curricular inputs for improving professional preparation of teacher educators
    • A set of national and international case studies in the field of teacher education
    • Act as a reference point for teacher educators training institutes across the country