Facebook STEM Scramble Leader Board and Rules

Version 9

    STEM Scramble Leaderboard

    NameTotal Points
    Allison Kelly13
    Jason Guptill8
    Michael Scott3
    Sabrina Boehm2
    Muhammad Noman Mozaffar2

    STEM Scramble is the first week of each month on Facebook.


    1. During the first day of the Scramble, we'll post a "scrambled" version of a STEM education-related image.
    2. Facebook Friends reply to the post with their guesses as to what the image captures and why it's STEM-relevant.
    3. If no one guesses correctly after 24 hours, we'll post a slightly less-scrambled version of the image and open guessing again for 24 hours. This will repeat until someone guess correctly or after five versions of the image, whichever comes first. The third image posted will come with a hint.
    4. The first person to guess correctly will receive points; five points for a correct guess on day one, four points on day two, three points on day three, two points on day four, and one point on day five. We will post a Leader Board after the first Scramble and update it each month.STEM