Grant Opportunity - East Multnomah County Soil and Water Conservation District - $5K - $100K - Application due December 15, 2014

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    Partners in Conservation (PIC) Program

    Guidelines & Instructions | Fiscal Year 2014-15


    The East Multnomah SWCD Partners in Conservation Program (PIC) has been set up to advance the

    mission of EMSWCD by leveraging District funds through conservation-related work that is carried out

    by other organizations. This program provides funding to support conservation projects and

    conservation education in the District. We specifically encourage projects that serve or engage

    disadvantaged populations and diverse communities. In all cases, projects must show a clear public

    benefit in one or more of the following: soil erosion prevention/control, environmental education, soil

    health, water quality, water conservation, habitat restoration or watershed health.


    Eligible applicants for the PIC program:

    1. Nonprofit organization -- 501 (c) (3) status is not required if there is a qualified fiscal agent

    2. Educational institution

    3. Government agency

    4. Native American tribe

    5. Business or commercial property owner


    Project must meet these criteria to receive PIC funding:

    1. Must advance the mission of the EMSWCD “to conserve and restore the natural resources of the

    district for current and future generations by making conservation technical, financial and

    educational assistance available and meaningful to all residents and ensuring equitable

    distribution of benefits and responsibilities”.

    2. Must address one or more of the following: soil erosion prevention/control, environmental

    education, soil health, water quality, water conservation, watershed health, habitat restoration.

    3. Must be located within EMSWCD’s District boundaries (Multnomah County lying east of the

    Willamette River) or demonstrate direct benefit to District residents.

    4. Must provide a clear public benefit.


    NOTE: PIC funds may NOT be used to fund required mitigation projects


    Eligible project types:

    1. On-the-ground restoration or conservation project. Examples: tree planting, invasive weed

    control, stream bank re-vegetation, habitat restoration/enhancement.

    2. Sustainable agriculture or gardening project. Examples: soil tests, composting systems, use of

    beneficial insects, community gardens.

    3. Pollution prevention project. Examples: trash cleanup along a stream, toxics/pesticide reduction


    4. Sustainable stormwater management project. Examples: parking lot bioswale, rain garden, tree

    planting, pavement removal.

    5. Engineering of a conservation project. Examples: engineering of a soil erosion control project,

    stream restoration.

    6. Monitoring project. Examples: evaluation of weed control or sediment control methods, water

    quality monitoring.

    7. Environmental education of youth and/or adults. Examples: implementation of classroom or

    outdoor education program, workshops, training, signage.


    For this grant cycle we will not be funding rainwater harvesting systems or cisterns unless those

    components are incidental and subordinate to the larger project.PIC Application Guidelines and Instructions - FY 2014-15

    East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District 9/25/2014


    Funding schedule and limits:

    1. Two categories of grants are available

     PIC: For shorter term projects – 1 year timeframe: The minimum grant award is $5,000

    and the maximum is $60,000.

     PIC Plus: For longer term projects – greater than 1 year and up to 3 year timeframe: The

    minimum grant award is $5,000 and the maximum is $100,000 per year for up to 3 years

    2. This fiscal year the District has approximately $1,200,000 to award among all projects

    (combined) for the Spring 2015 funding cycle.

    3. Only one grant application may be submitted per organization. If the applicant is a government

    organization, only one application may be submitted per bureau or department. The applicant

    may be a partner in more than one application.

    4. Starting in 2014, once an organization has been awarded a grant for three consecutive years,

    the organization will not be eligible for PIC funding in the fourth year. The organization may

    apply again after one year off.

    5. For grants $10,000 or less, no matching funds are required.

    6. For grants over $10,000, applicants are expected to secure matching funds to support the

    project, in an amount equal to or exceeding the amount requested from the District. This match

    may include cash, in-kind contributions, funding from other sources, or a combination thereof.

    7. Indirect/administrative costs may be included in the project budget, up to 15% of the total

    budget. Additional documentation may be required.

    8. Payment will be made by the District on a reimbursement basis, up to the amount awarded by

    the District. The project budget should be looked upon as an estimate of anticipated expenses.

    The District will reimburse approved actual expenses, which must be documented with copies of

    bills and/or receipts. Payments may be requested as conservation practices/project tasks are


    9. The District will hold back payment of 10% of the dollar amount awarded until the required

    project completion report has been received and accepted by the District.

    10. Applicant and project eligibility, approval or denial of requests, and dollar amounts awarded (for

    individual projects or organizations, as well as for the funding cycle/fiscal year) will be

    determined at the discretion of the District.

    11. Payments totaling $600 or more in a calendar year may be considered by the IRS to be

    reportable income. Applicants who receive District funding will be required to complete an IRS

    W-9 form. If applicable, the District will report the income to the IRS and to the Applicant on a

    1099-MISC form. The Applicant should consult a tax advisor regarding income reporting

    requirements and whether project-related expenses may be included as deductions on the

    Applicant’s tax returns to offset this income.

    12. Because the District is a public entity, accepting District funding will require the Applicant to

    comply with Oregon public contracting law. For most projects, this means the Applicant will be

    required to obtain three informal quotes for labor and materials. Large projects may require a

    formal bidding process and compliance with Oregon prevailing wage rate law.



    1. Interested parties are asked to submit an Application form. A completed Application form is

    required in order for your proposal to be considered for funding.

    2. The Application must be filled out completely and submitted with the original signature of a

    person who is authorized to speak for the Applicant organization and sign proposals on its

    behalf. PIC Application Guidelines and Instructions - FY 2014-15

    East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District 9/25/2014

    3. Please follow the instructions at the top of page 1 of the Application forms, just below the

    heading. Make sure to get the signature of the landowner and your organization’s fiscal agent,

    if applicable, on the Application forms.

    4. Deadline for submission for the next funding cycle (Fiscal Year 2014-15) is Monday, December

    15, 2014. Applications must be received in the District office by 4:00 pm on that day.

    Electronic copies are preferred, and faxed copies will not be accepted.

    5. It is anticipated that proposals submitted will be reviewed and decided upon at a District Board

    meeting in April 2015.

    6. If your proposal is funded, the decision will be formalized with a written agreement that will

    include District and Applicant responsibilities, a description of reporting and monitoring

    requirements, procedures for requesting payments, etc.

    Applicants are encouraged to call with any questions about the application process, District

    expectations, terms of the agreement, payments, reporting requirements, etc.


    Contact: Suzanne, Grants Manager

    Phone: 503-935-5370

    Fax: 503-935-5359


    Address: East Multnomah SWCD

    5211 N Williams Ave., Portland, OR 97217


    Full Application form: Application forms are available on the District’s website on this page:

    PIC Workshop on November 13th – Gresham Library

    Looking to strengthen your grant application? We are hosting a workshop all about PIC application requirements and expectations. Each workshop will cover:

    • Examples of projects we have funded in the past
    • Application Criteria & Requirements
    • Examples of strong Applications
    • Application dos and don’t s

    The workshop takes place at the Gresham Library on November 13th, from 2:00 to 5:00pm. The library is located at 385 NW Miller Ave, Gresham, 97030. To reserve your space, please RSVP to Suzanne Easton at or 503-935-5370.

    Application Process & Deadline:

    The application forms have changed, so please be sure to use only the most recent forms which can be found through the link below. The deadline for the 2014 PIC applications is December 15, 2014, 4pm.