Community Roadmap: April-Global Citizenship, Sustainability, Social Studies, and More!

Version 2

    The Teachers Engage community is implementing a community roadmap in 2014, and each month has a theme and a set of topics and events that connect to the content and activity the community will feature during the month. We'll start each month with an overview like this; we'll retroactively add January and February soon.

    The Teachers Engage Community Roadmap theme for April is Global Citizenship! All month long we'll feature content and activities related to global citizenship, sustainability, and helping our students become stewards of the future. You'll also have the opportunity to participate in some of Intel's Earth Day initiatives, including interactive opportunities and webinars. Click here to see content and activity related to the theme.

    The content area focus for April is Social Studies. History, economics, geography, and more. Click here to see content and activity related to Social Studies.

    This month we'll also celebrate the following special days and events (bookmark this page for updates to this list):

    • National Library Week (April 13-19)
    • Earth Day (April 22)