Feedback of workshop regarding ICT Teacher Education

Version 1

         I feel very lucky for myself that I got the opportunity to attend the ICT workshop at FDRC, Army welfare education society ,New Delhi organised by INTEL Education w.e.f. 14-04-2014 to 18-04-2014.

         These 5 days were really very exciting, memorable, unforgettable, full with enthusiasm. Even I have no word to describe the way of teaching especially by ANOOP Sir. It was his kindness to make us familiar with the Basic knowledge of computer science like making a New Folder, MS words, MS excel, attachment on " TEACHER ENGAGE INDIA" and creating  a MS Power Point Presentation etc. even in a very short period of time i.e., 5 days. This will definitely going to be helpful for us and enhance our professional responsibilities.

         I have never expected that these 5 days will benefit us to such an extent of ICT learning. Some very important online collaboration tools like " GOOGLE DRIVE ","GOOGLE DOCS"," Screen sharing with SKYPE" with our student-teacher and colleagues will definitely facilitate our Teaching-Learning method in the coming future.

         I also want to thank to Ms.Shayda Rana, Ms.Saloni Singhal and Mr.Kayhan for giving their precious time to us.

         Most importantly I want to give special thanks to Mr. Anoop Sir for his kind and supportive role in this workshop. His wonderful teaching skills produced a great curiosity in us towards Computer science.

         It will be a great fortune for me if I will be called to attend such kind of workshop in near future.