RPMS: The New Performance Appraisal for Teachers

Version 1

                        Aiming to improve the quality of education in public schools, the Department of Education implemented the Result-Based Performance Management System (RPMS). It is an intervention that will help ensure the strategic, responsive and effective delivery of service at all levels of DepEd so that it can effectively implement a learner-centered, school-based management system and the K to 12 strategies.

                        Though reactions among teachers vary, most felt suffocated at its maiden introduction about two months ago, it was perceived as an additional burden on top of the teachers'already work-bent backs. All these KRA's, objectives, indicators and the like, created a ripple in the teacher's tranquil lake of CB-PAST era. As the days crept by, understanding downed in that the RPMS is not merely work and beating days before deadlines, thus keeping teachers on toes, but it is a great contributory factor for improvement. Gone are the days of putting off further studies and venturing into research. Those were the days of old, for in the RPMS, these things must be pursued so as not to be left behind. In the perspective of those hard-working teachers, whose endeavors in the educational arena were shrouded by personal matters during the rating period, the RPMS is an avenue for professional growth. However, it is still too early to judge its effect at this early stage. Given its infancy in the system, its impact is a must wait and see.