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    Boonyeo Lee

    K12 Teacher, Busan, South Korea

    Korean Engage Community

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    What is one interesting fact about your country as it relates to Education?

    1. Below are some of Korea’s recent goals for fostering creative talents for our future society:
      Using public policies to foster creative thinking and problem solving skills. Concentrate on increasing creative thinking and strengthening math and science education.
    2. Strengthening STEM education through a combined curriculum.
      Strengthening student centered education through project based learning.
    3. Creating more meaningful classroom experiences by connecting various education experiences of students to character creation, reading, creative experiences, and the local society.

    What is your favorite place to visit in the Engage Community?

    Personally, I like the Intel education website a lot. In almost every class, I used the Thinking Tools to promote the students critical thinking skills. Since the results were good, I used the tools often. Even though Engage is still new, it has been good for the Korean teaching community. They can find information and research on new teaching paradigms and to share lesson plans and ideas for classes. I think it is the ideal place to for educators to cooperate and synergize while working on projects together.

    What advice would you give to others integrating technology into their classroom or school system?

    I think that technology can create a student centered environment that can make classroom time more meaningful.  It can be a bridge between the classroom and regular life. Learners as well as teachers can use technology to support continuous learning. While increasing business and classroom effectiveness, technology can also increase children’s participation and effectiveness and promote various methods of critical thinking skills.

    Most importantly, technology allows teachers, parents and learners to actively communicate with each other. In all teaching and learning systems, technology is becoming essential. However, we have to keep in mind that technology is the tool and method not the goal to facilitate the learning.

    Describe your favorite tech gadget or website tool and how you use it.

    Mobile technology is the best, since you can do any type of work on mobile during class time. Mobile tech has the most innovative systems on it. I also personally like the Intel Education Tools.  The mobile-supported Visual Ranking Tools and the web-based Thinking Tools help makes class more fulfilling and increases participation from students. I use the tools a lot in class because they are very useful for promoting thinking skills in the class room. Other apps I often use on my mobile during class are Pingpong, Google Docs, Onenote, Edmodo, and Evernote.

    List one question you would like to ask the Engage Community.

    I hope that as the site develops there will be a mobile version too. I hope to create a space where more and more teachers gather and share ideas and work towards the happiness of children. Thank you.