Global Member Spotlight: Chau To Thi Nguyen

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    Chau To Thi Nguyen

    K12 Teacher

    Vietnam Engage Community

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    All About Me:

    What is one interesting fact about your country as it relates to Education?

    Vietnam K12 education includes 15 million students and over 900k teachers. 

    What is your favorite place to visit in the Engage Community?

    Pedagogical Section (of Vietnam Teachers Community): because it has updated information/discussion on my teaching subject.

    What advice would you give to others integrating technology into their classroom or school system?

    Integrating technology into classrooms is a must for teachers nowadays. Therefore, teachers need to study more and more for updated technology.

    Describe your favorite tech gadget or website tool and how you use it.

    1. Online survey: to get information/feedback from my students/ colleague teachers
    2. OneNote: interesting tool to get note and for students to create "kind of" class website (promoting collaboration)

    List one question you would like to ask the Engage Community.

    Is there any Intel Teach Course (in Vietnamese) which helps teachers to use up-to-date web tools/resources into their classrooms?