Global Member Spotlight: Vanessa Jones

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    Vanessa Jones

    K12 District/Region Technology Coordinator

    Intel Teachers Engage Community (United States)

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    All About Me:

    What is one interesting fact about your country as it relates to Education?

    In the United States, each state has its own Department of Education which creates and implements standards, guidelines and educational policies. Each district within the state, then regulates and creates its own guidelines, expectations and criteria for achievement.


    This is unlike other countries where there is a Ministry of Education which governs all educational practices in that country.

    What is your favorite place to visit in the Engage Community?

    My favorite place in the Engage Community is the Free Professional Development section. In this section, you have access to the Intel Teach Elements Toolkit, the Intel Teach Essentials Course, the Intel Teach Thinking with Technology course as well as an abundance of educational resources for both teachers and facilitators.

    What advice would you give to others integrating technology into their classroom or school system?

    Technology is constantly changing and you have to have a strong desire to learn and be a creative designer in how you use technology as a tool both educationally and in your own personal productivity.

    Describe your favorite tech gadget or website tool and how you use it.

    Kahoot is one of my newest favorite free digital tools. Kahoot is a game-based blended platform that allows you to receive quick snapshots of learning from your students or participants. I use Kahoot as a pre-assessment tool as well as a tool to gauge knowledge about the understanding of a concept.

    List one question you would like to ask the Engage Community.

    What's Next? Intel Education has always been innovators in the educational world. They have always provided educators with the most up to date professional development and pedagogy. I'm always on the edge to see what new ideas and resources are available for educators.