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    What is one interesting fact about your country as it relates to Education?

    Education for the Indian Children begins at home with family values, customs and culture. This process of socialization is extended to formal learning in school preparing local learners for a global opportunity.The interesting fact about Education in India is that it is adept to adapt to the 21st Century needs thus integrating aspects of Life Skills, Values Educations , ICT beyond academics.Preserving the cultural heritage and yet competing with the contemporary trends in Education. Jai Hind!

    What is your favorite place to visit in the Engage Community?

    I like visiting the Home page on engage Intel India and also the International page ,as both these pages help to understand the thought and views or issues across the world. This platform also helps to collaborate and share what we know as professionals.

    What advice would you give to others integrating technology into their classroom or school system?One important advice to my friends is : Technology is a tool to enable and support your effectiveness and efficiency but you must utilize your own thinking faculties to integrate this Technology. If you can think you can integrate technology ,but if you can think futuristically you can explore with Technology. Have the confidence to use it and see your own potential grow!
    Describe your favorite tech gadget or website tool and how you use it.One of my favourite gadgets is using a digital camera to take shots or even to do my own audio video recording as it helps me to create my own content . I am very creative in being able to create meaningful presentations and how to present them both creatively and analytically.I do visit Google Scholar a lot to see updates in research. I particularly like INTEL's programme Thinking with Technology.
    List one question you would like to ask the Engage Community.In an age where communication skills are mandatory, how did you help your learners to explore and project their own learning using technology especially the ones who are shy of doing so?