Gamification of Education......... new terminology doing circles in education scenario nowdays

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    For years video games were seen as distraction to learning and only as entertainment means. But with changing times and acute bent of young kids towards comic characters and video games has drawn and interesting discussion among the educationalists’ circles. Now the new terminology is arising “Gamification of education”.

    It  is the idea of applying game-design thinking to curricula to make them more fun and engaging. Gamification is the use of game-like thinking and elements in places that aren't traditionally games. The use of game mechanics and dynamics like badges, leaderboards, and actions can be useful for improving motivation and learning in informal and formal settings.

    See attached video to learn more about Gamification of Education...........

    The principles in this course did not originate in a computer lab but, rather, from the acute neurological and psychiatric care wards of large hospitals. Thus this course presents general principles of gamification that can be applied to the full range of the learning spectrum, ranging from people with severe disabilities through to post-graduate and professional development applications