Congratulations to All at the Federal Directorate of Education - Pakistan !

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    All Pakistan annual Intel® Education Awards were held at Karachi on 3rd December, 2014 to celebrate and promote technology integration by teachers and schools. The awards aim to motivate teachers and school administration to enhance implementation in the classroom and develop 21st century skills amongst students, with the help of technology. Technology prizes were given to in-service teachers who used technology effectively in promoting inquiry-based learning, showcasing effective and innovative integration of computer technology into the existing curriculum while promoting higher order thinking and collaborative learning among students. During the awards, the efforts of key government and private stakeholders were also recognized as it is through their efforts and support that effective and sustained integration of technology can take place in the education system.


    Congratulations to All at the Federal Directorate of Education - Pakistan, not only for their personal and institutional achievements but also for setting high standards of implementation for all other public sector entities to follow, becoming a role model. Thankyou everyone


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