The Human Side of Technology

Version 1

    A very nice read, do visit the link. A few excerpts from the blog;


    How can we provide students with an atmosphere where they can create and innovate to show what they can offer the world? He also left us with this direction, “Look at what children can do and don’t fix them, help them.” - Yong Zhao


    As school and district staff we need to guide and support students to demonstrate their strengths and talents to the world while giving them an opportunity to be reflective and recognize growth. Let’s work with students to bring out their strengths, talents, and personality. - George Couros


    How much fun learning is when you let yourself be vulnerable and connect with others. Our students need this atmosphere to bring themselves into learning plus, seriously, when students enjoy learning going to work is so much more motivating (fun too). - Carl Hooker


    She completely changed my lens in regards to gaming because of the positive emotions that playing games brings out in people. They are collaborating and being creative while testing, iterating, and learning from mistakes. It provides them with opportunities to persevere which allows them to be resilient and optimistic. - Jane McGonigal