The Intel Transforming Learning Courses

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    Transforming Learning is a series of four courses that prepare teachers for new digital learning designs in the one to one classroom and anytime-anywhere mobile learning.

    The Transforming Learning courses are available to schools and education agencies that are participating in active purchase programs involving Intel-based devices. Find out more about the Intel® Education purchase programs.

    Digital Learning Fundamentals

    This face-to-face course is for teachers new to designing digital learning.  While teachers may be familiar with tools for personal productivity, this course focuses on strategies for integrating technology into digital teaching and learning. Participants complete required and optional activities through which they learn important concepts, try different digital tools, and use their learning to develop resources to use with their students.

    Course Overview

    Four core modules focus on the 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking:

    • Build skills with technology resources for effective classroom integration.
    • Explore ways to use technology to build students’ communication and collaboration skills.
    • Learn strategies and tools for enhancing students’ creativity.
    • Explore methods for using technology to improve students’ critical thinking in a 21st century classroom.

    In addition to the 10 hours of core content, Optional Modules offer opportunities to extend knowledge about other topics important for the 21st century teacher.



    Learning with One to One Course

    This face-to-face course is for teachers who are designing instruction in a one to one and mobile teaching and learning environment.

    Course Overview

    Explore instructional strategies, educational tools, and classroom management techniques and learn:

    • Instructional design and curriculum mapping in a 1:1 setting
    • How to create activities using online digital tools and apps
    • How to create a sustained technology support system
    • Classroom management topics and solutions

    The course provides over 20 hours of professional learning.


    Student Engagement with One to One Course

    This elearning course is for teachers with intermediate technology integration experience who are familiar with mobile learning strategies and student-centered approaches, such as project-based learning and formative assessment.  The course can be offered as a facilitated online course or taken as self-paced study in professional learning teams.

    Course Overview

    The Student Engagement with One to One course introduces one of the most powerful factors affecting student achievement – student engagement. Participants explore strategies in one to one learning environments, for transforming their units to better engage students by rethinking their content, student work products and teaching and learning processes. Participants:

    • Identify characteristics of engaged learners and assess their students’ level of engagement
    • Explore a framework of key elements for engaging students in their learning in a one to one classroom
    • Select and transform their own unit to better engage students

    The course provides over 20 hours of professional learning.


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    Digital Learning Fundamentals Syllabus

    Learning with One to One

    Learning with One to One

    Student Engagement with One to One Syllabus