Bricolage- Creative Tinkering with Resources

Version 1

    The term ‘bricolage’ is French for ‘tinkering’,or working creatively with whatever tools and resources are available. Originally used in relation to practical activities, such as carpentry, it has since

    been applied in many fields, from music created by everyday objects like spoons, to cultural identities such as punk that are constructed from elements of other cultures.


    This can be very used b y teachers with young kids to foster their creativity, imagination and resourcefulness.This will help teachers in developing the pedagogy of self exploration and building the concepts of science, maths and other subjects which many a times seems very bookish and unrealistic.


    This will inculcate in students the urge of 'HOW' and in the process of discovering 'HOS' they will unearth 'WHY' phenomena associated with the concept.