The Shape of Traditions

Version 1

    Traditions are all around us. Traditions exist in sports, in the holidays we celebrate, in the interactions we have with families and friends, and also within larger systems of a religious group and geographical areas. This lesson will take students through a process of inquiry to develop empathy and understanding of the impact traditions have on small groups like families and schools, as well as larger groups like geographical cultures. Thinking like a historian, this provides opportunity for students to experience historical research, evaluating the validity of resources, and connect perspective to behaviors and actions.


    Learning Objectives

    Students will:

    1. Know how education, diversity, economics, and religion impact settlement patterns, political systems, and overall culture of a group

    2. Understand how ideas, concepts, and traditions change over time and with cultural influence and also how traditions impact a system

    3. Be able to research and identify impacts from a variety of viewpoints, reflect to learn and grow, and develop presentations to visually display the impact of tradition in cultures