6 Useful Audio Tools For Educators.

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    One of the important skill in digital literacy is being able to record and edit audio. Mastering this skill is not something of science or algebra but a simple process of trail and error. There are actually several web 2.0 tools that can allow us to play with audio tracks and customize them the way we want. Check out the list below to explore a bunch of  such tools.

    Using the audio tools below you will be able to :


    • Analyse audio files and extract needed information
    • Cut or crop audio files
    • Merge multiple files into a single audio track
    • Convert files between some of the popular audio formats ( WAV, MP3,WMA, and many more )
    • Record audio off a microphone or another sound device and save it
    • Convert audio files


    1- Audacity

    audio editing tools



    Audacity is a free audio web2.0 tool . It is an open software for recording and editing sounds .
    Audacity is available for most of the operating systems such as Windows ,Mac OSX, GNU, and Lunux .



    2- Wavosaur



    audio editing tools




    Wavosaur is another  free audio software .It is like Audacity but with some more features .
    Wavosaur allows you to edit sounds and record the one you want . It is all free and does not require any software installation  .





    3- Audioboo

    audio editing tools




    Audioboo is a very sophisticated platform for recording and sharing audio files and clips ,
    very important podcasting tool for teachers.It is very simple to use and doesn’t  call for any special computer training .




    4- Audio Expert



    audio editing tools


    AudioExpertis a free online audio editor. It allows its users to both convert different audio files and record sounds.



    5- File Lab



    audio editing tools



    Fire Lab is an online audio editor that allows users to rework their audio files and get completely new refined and enhanced effects output track.




    6- Aviary



    audio editing tools




    Aviary lers you trim, loop, stretch and reverse your audio clips and add sound effects or record your own voice.