Exploring Cultures Through Folktales

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    Name: Matinga Ragatz, 2010 Michigan Teacher of the Year

    Title: Technology Integration Specialist

    School/Organization: Eaton RESA

    Location: Charlotte, Michigan, USA


    Folktales are stories that have been shared orally from generation togeneration. The Brothers’ Grimm were the first to put some of these Folktales down on paper. There are many versions of the classic story Little Red Riding Hood that have been shared through the years. Lon Po Po (Chinese), Pretty Salma (African), The Tale Of Jemima Puddle-Duck (Beatrix Potter) are a few examples, as well as other traditional re-tellings.


    Learning Objectives

    Students will:

    1. Know that folktales are based on a tradition of storytelling where the stories are orally shared and passed down through the generations.

    2. Understand the common themes and elements of the Folktale Little Red Riding Hood and how the story is molded by the culture is has emerged from.

    3. Be able to compare three different versions of Little Red Riding Hood from different cultures using a digital Venn Diagram.

    4. Be able to create a multimedia presentation sharing a Little Red Riding Hood inspired story based on the student’s own culture.


    Students work collaboratively to compare three re-tellings of Little Red Riding Hood and create a version based on their own culture and neighborhood