Beyond Pen and Paper: Three Tools That Take Notes to the Next Level

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    Classrooms may be going paperless,
    but this age-old practice isn’t going away anytime soon.



    In his ancient Academy, Plato saw value in note-taking as a means of artificial memory, and required students to integrate some principles of the practice in their learning. Today, classic note-taking is still an essential learning tool, but new tech devices offer three unique benefits for students—taking Plato’s concept of “artificial memory” to the next level:



    Note Sharing

    When note-taking goes digital, students can easily and instantly share their notes with anyone else—no photocopier (or spare papyrus) required.




    Note Collaboration

    Students aren’t limited to their own notepad—multiple students can collaborate on the same document together in real time, from school, or from home. 



    Note Mobility

    With notes in the cloud, students can write and access any notes from anywhere. This time, "My dog ate my homework!" isn’t going to cut it.


    So, does your class note? We hope so. If your classroom has access to tech, here are three cloud-based apps we recommend:


    Google Keep

    Simplicity–Reliable no frills notes.


    Sleek and elegant–Extra features.

    MS OneNoteengage-mar-article-3.jpg

    Feature-rich, but more complex in a clean MS Office-like interface.

    Cloud-based NotesXXX
    Text StylingXX
    CategoriesX (color-coding only)X (color+labels)X (color+labels)
    Photo, PDF, & AudioXXX
    Drawing & HandwritingX
    Search text within photosXX
    Extract text from pictures and pdfs.*X
    Clip web articles for laterXX

    *OneNote points out that the effectiveness of this feature does depend on the quality of the image.




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