Intel® Education Inside the Classroom: Costa Rica

Version 4

    Teachers have the exciting task of bringing technology into the classroom in ways that make learning relevant and engaging. To help them on this important journey, this series of short videos takes a look inside a classroom in Costa Rica, where the teacher and students make the most of their available digital tools to deepen and extend learning.  (Spanish with English subtitles.)


    Segment Name: Welcome to the Digital Classroom (3:57)

    Learn about the teacher, her school, and her students at work on environment science project.


    Segment Name: Project Based Design for Learning (5:22)

    See how each stage of a well-designed project engages students in meaningful work.


    Segment Name: Managing the Digital Classroom  (4:38)

    Learn how simple processes help students work effectively and efficiently.


    Segment Name: Collaboration in the Digital Classroom (5:02)

    Working together enhances learning for everyone.


    Segment Name:  Student Centered Assessment (3:55)

    Observation is key to project assessment in this classroom.