Helping students plan and conduct an experiment

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    I've been collaborating with fellow teachers to try and identify how we can help students with the basic planning needed for a science fair project. We started this document. Please help by editing this for clarity and things you expect students to be doing as they plan and conduct an experiment. (Some of the best changes may come from non-science teachers!)

    Problem Write the question you are trying to learn about.

    How does ____________________ (Independent Variable) what I change

    affect ____________________ (Dependent Variable) what changes as a result

    Problem (Write out your problem as a complete sentence here.)

    Hypothesis Write your prediction in the If…then… format. Be VERY specific with your prediction.


      (Independent Variable) then ___________________

    (Dependent Variable)

    Hypothesis (Write out your hypothesis as a complete sentence here.)


    • List the materials you will use.
    • Write out the experiment step by step
    • Be specific
    • Only test ONE variable
    • Describe how you will control all other variables
    • Plan how you will collect data













    List the materials you will use:





    Write out the steps of your procedure\:
    • Plan what data you will collect before you begin your experiment
    • Collect detailed data - use Data Table if needed
    • Write data in the data table when appropriate





    Plan for collecting data: (Write out your plan as a complete sentence here.)




    Data Table (if needed)


    Data Display Graph your data
    1. Include the appropriate type of graph
    2. Add a graph title
    3. Add labels to the X and Y axes
    4. Include the appropriate units
    5. Make sure your scale is accurate







    Data Display-Class Data
    • What was your claim? (Rewrite your hypothesis.)
    • What data supports or does not support your claim/hypothesis?
    • Compare your data with your claim.  What warrant/conclusion can you draw? (Use full sentences to connect your data with your claim).
    Conclusion Write a complete sentence connecting your data and hypothesis. Include future plans to advance your learning.