Summer Self-Chosen PD for Educators!

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    In this country, "summer" vacation is upon us! Throughout the year, busy educators set aside ideas for investigation later. Well, "later" is NOW! I think this Intel Engage community is the perfect place for teachers and administrators to learn about ways to integrate technology into their curricula while still teaching standards and using Project Based Approaches.I'm going to give a short list of areas and discussions IN THIS COMMUNITY which I think should be on your list for the summer study program.


    I hope others will chime in here with their favorite parts of the community! You can add to the document or just make a comment! What do you think is worthy of a little time this summer for your colleagues?

    Add a row and fill it in- remember, these areas are in our community and great ways to learn on your own this summer! vkajones, glen_w, NaomiHarm,, blancaedu, julesfischy, NaomiHarm, dougemints, susangauthier, cgardne, ProfWhitby, and everyone else!

    What is it?Link to the AreaWhy?
    Teaching Ideas Showcase,Project-Based Approaches LOADS of well-developed Unit Plans for all curricula and grade levels
    Chat With Debdeb_nortonDeb Norton's content page shows links to all of her "Chat with Deb" discussion topics
    Cut to the CoresmersandShannon Mersand's content page has links to all of her "Cut to the Core" discussion topics
    STEM Snacksglen_wGlen Westbroek's content page has links to all of his "STEM Snacks" posts as well as other thought-provoking posts
    About EngageAbout EngageBlog posts including "Making the Most of Engage" help you learn how to navigate the community for most effective uses.
    Webinars and EventsWebinars and EventsAttend a webinar this summer or view recordings of past webinars!
    K-12 Professional LearningK-12 Professional LearningWow! Take a course, and MORE! Look for the Intel Elements courses here, but don't neglect all the other areas!

    Try out some new learning/teaching apps to include in your curriculum next year.

    Learning Pathways- Fun Activitiesvkajones Create your Gamified Wild-SelfLearning Pathways-formerly "Fun Activities" gives learners the opportunity to learn while at the same time, have fun doing it
    Intel Teach Live the dangers of App Overload. a webinar!
    Classroom ChallengeGail HolmesStrategies for integrating technology
    Intel Engage Technology Bytes Naomi Harm NaomiHarmA monthly enewsletter jammed packed with just in time 'tehncology bytes" of creative teaching and lesson ideas, app and online resources, and global teaching stories of best practices. (Link coming soon).