Creating with Technology

Version 6


    Created by Sarah Boyd


    Unit Summary

    An education that encourages young people to not merely consume technology, but to understand and create with technology, can change a young person’s life forever.


    This workbook is written for teachers of grades 6-12 to provide support in introducing the Intel® Galileo Gen 2 development board into the classroom for learning and teaching. It will help guide teachers in designing learning opportunities that develop confidence, creativity and spark an interest in science, technology, engineering, art/design and mathematics (STEAM). No prior knowledge or experience is necessary to complete the projects in this workbook,

    although you may need a strong coffee and some chocolate. This workbook assumes a teacher is running either a Windows or Mac OSX environment.


    This guide aims to help teachers encourage students to learn STEM, but perhaps more importantly to learn to experiment, innovate, and create.  It is intended to be a practical “how to” guide for teachers, underpinned by pedagogically sound practices.


    At a Glance

    • Grade: 9-12, 6-8
    • Subjects: Technology & Engineering
    • Topics: Coding, Circuits, Electronics, Design
    • Higher-Order Thinking Skills: Unit Plan
    • Key Learnings: Basics of circuits and coding and how to create with them
    • Content Type: Unit Plan
    • Time Needed: 10-15 class periods, 50 minute
    • License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY SA).  Read about the license and what you can do with this material here.


    Attachment:  A Teacher’s Guide to the Intel® Galileo

    This workbook guides teachers in designing learning opportunities that develop confidence, creativity, and interest in STEM using the Intel Galileo development board.