Inspiring Young Engineers

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    What's possible with Intel® Galileo Boards


    By Sabrina Lurie Giner, OTC France


    Arthur C Clarike's Second Law - "The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.


    Intel Montpellier’s recent educative visit to a 5th grade class at Pericles Elementary school in Montpellier France lead to some amazing, if unattended, results. The program’s objective was to show in the space of a few hours using Intel® Galileo boards and simple programming tools that we can all be engineers.


    galileo2.png8 Intel volunteers working in small groups took the students through programming exercises to make an LED blink on-and-off. What was most interesting in the end was that no sooner was the LED blinking that the children were smiling ear-to-ear and appreciating the wonder of a world with fewer limits.


    Girls who initially seemed disinterested in comparison to the boys were wearing some of the brightest smiles once they saw what they were able to do. “When I first saw the boards I was like what are we supposed to do with that, but after seeing what we did I thought that was just TOO COOL!” said Emily, 5th grader.


    The Intel team having received much more than it had given couldn’t help but wonder that with education so critical in reducing inequality and maintaining economic competitiveness, and with too few female engineers in this world, could programs like these inspire the next generation of engineers?galileo3.png


    A big thank you to Olivier Guiter for putting together this program and doing the presentation, Hélia Correia, Florence Clement, Thierry Escande for their great support, Bertrand Aygon for the video and his help during the workshop, the two young interns Colin and Romain and Raluca Oltean from CAG for giving us the boards and supporting our Intel Involved Action.


    View the Unit Plan here

    galileo4.png galileo5.png

    Eight Intel volunteers visit a classroom give 5th-graders a glimpse of what’s possible with Galileo boards and simple programming and leave the children smiling.