Do you think that this resources will help of running a STEM Club?

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    Chapter 1. Setting up a club | STEM Clubs


    Chapter 2. Identity and impact | STEM Clubs


    Chapter 3. Reaping rewards | STEM Clubs


    Chapter 4. Involving others | STEM Clubs


    Chapter 5. Funding | STEM Clubs


    Chapter 6. Tips for success | STEM Clubs


    atefalex I like the video aspect of these resources. It is a way to help others understand what is involved in building a STEM club. When you consider the funding aspect, I usually use "toys" and simple, inexpensive materials to help my students do STEM activities.


    Glen Westbroek

    do you think that will help teachers to create good STEM club?


    thanks a lot Atef for sharing, the Step by Step Guide is very helpful for starters. Have already forwarded the resource to several science educators internally within organization as well as with external contacts. thanks


    I think this is an excellent step to help teachers create STEM clubs. To have a good STEM club, I think requires the teacher to be willing to let students explore "without being told the right answers."


    Khadija Bashir

    thank you too, iwill try to find more resources to help us and share it here


    This is an excellent resource, thank you for telling us about it.


    Thank you JOSEPH GREENE too


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