ISTE 2015 Final Mission

Version 1

    The final mission in the ISTE 2015 badge series is going to take a bit more effort.

    ISTE logo.PNG

    In order to complete this mission and earn 100 points, you must first complete the first three missions in the series, and then complete all of the below actions:

    1. Create a comment telling us who you would like to see as a keynote speaker and why.
    2. Find an old discussion, blog, resource, or document in the community related to ISTE that you think is still relevant, and post a link to the content in a new comment telling us why you think the content is still relevant, and why you think others should re-visit the content.
    3. Reply to another user's comment in the post furthering their response by asking a question, adding an additional insight or thought, and/or sharing more information such as a link to more information.
    4. Return to the original blogpost about ISTE 2015 and post a comment sharing what you got out of the experience of either a) attending ISTE or b) participating in this game.

    Once you have completed this mission, you should receive the ISTE 2015 badge. You can view all missions in the ISTE 2015 in the overview blog here.

    **Please note that responses be monitored to ensure that participants are completing the requirements of the missions. Invalid responses will be deleted and any associated points and/or badges will be removed from the earner.